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सबसे खतरनाक होता है

सबसे खतरनाक होता है

– अवतार सिंह संधू ‘पाश’

मेहनत की लूट सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होती
पुलिस की मार सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होती
गद्दारी और लोभ की मुट्ठी सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होती

बैठे-बिठाए पकड़े जाना, बुरा तो है
सहमी-सी चुप में जकड़े जाना, बुरा तो है
पर सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होता

कपट के शोर में
सही होते हुए भी दब जाना, बुरा तो है
जुगनुओं की लौ में पढ़ना, बुरा तो है
मुट्ठियां भींचकर बस वक्त निकाल लेना, बुरा तो है
सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होता…..

सबसे खतरनाक होता है
मुर्दा शांति से भर जाना
तड़प का न होना सब सहन कर जाना
घर से निकलना काम पर
और काम से लौटकर घर जाना
सबसे खतरनाक होता है
हमारे सपनों का मर जाना

सबसे खतरनाक वो घड़ी होती है
आपकी कलाई पर चलती हुई भी जो
आपकी नजर में रुकी होती है
सबसे खतरनाक वो आंख होती है
जो सबकुछ देखती हुई जमी बर्फ होती है
जिसकी नजर दुनिया को मोहब्बत से चूमना भूल जाती है

सबसे खतरनाक वो चांद होता है
जो हर क़त्ल, हर कांड के बाद
वीरान हुए आंगन में चढ़ता है
लेकिन आपकी आंखों में मिर्चों की तरह नहीं गड़ता है

सबसे खतरनाक वो गीत होता है
आपके कानों तक पहुंचने के लिए
जो मरसिए पढ़ता है
आतंकित लोगों के दरवाजों पर
जो गुंडों की तरह अकड़ता है
सबसे खतरनाक वह रात होती है
जो ज़िंदा रूह के आसमानों पर ढलती है
जिसमें सिर्फ उल्लू बोलते और हुआं हुआं करते गीदड़
हमेशा के अंधेरे बंद दरवाजों-चौखटों पर चिपक जाते हैं

सबसे खतरनाक वो दिशा होती है
जिसमें आत्मा का सूरज डूब जाए
और जिसकी मुर्दा धूप का कोई टुकड़ा
आपके जिस्म के पूरब में चुभ जाए

मेहनत की लूट सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होती
पुलिस की मार सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होती
गद्दारी और लोभ की मुट्ठी सबसे खतरनाक नहीं होती

My Dear Phosphene

I need you, like a soul needs a body.
I need you like I need air, and sleep, and nourishment.
My Dear Phosphene….
I don’t need much, my soul is truely content….. with just breath after having you.
My soul would now be truely restless, if your love isn’t my peace. BECAUSE now after meeting you I realise the true wealth of my soul, is you and only you.
This companionship becomes my freedom, my strength, my courage , my hope.
Your presence is the serene from this painful world, a peace away from this hectic life, a soul soothing emotions from haunting muse of mine.
Your support, care, love and affection is what gives my heart the courage; to step out, to walk.
When this world, tries to blow my mind, my heart never fails to remember -you are the wind; so I take a breath.
Your presence always make me feel alive, warm and happy.
My Dear Phosphene ….
It just because, for me ,
You are the sunshine of sun without it, Sun can’t shine.
You are the light of the moon without it, moon can’t glow bright.
It just because your love and care is a reason for me to live and give me strength to touch the sky without the wings.

My Dear Phosphene❤

I can say that we both are……

-A collaboration of two souls without getting one soul exaggerated and ‘ll manifest both the souls to their extreme strength and it will show an indomitable sprite to achieve the toughest as what human being is capable of.


Dear friend ,

I understood myself only after my failure .

I introspect life.

And then only in the process of fixing myself, I know who I really was….

That just happen because of you ……

You show me who I’m….

Thank you Dost to stood by me at my lowest point and never let me forget how special I am.

Thank you for never letting me give up on myself, you push me to be a better person day by day………


Your thirst will lead to you to the water, they say.

You are the water which leads me to my thirsts, I know.

Today I commit to honoring my commitment.

Self- love isn’t just pampering yourself with healthy food, hot showers, and lots of sunlight. Its also honoring your commitments.
If you say you’re going to do something, do it.
If you tell a friend you’re going to meet them, just meet them. Self-love is upholding your promise and loving yourself enough to take your word seriously.
Because if you can’t even trust what you say, how can you trust what you love?


We are simply the species of advance monkeys who have tried really hard to understand everything and the more knowledge we acquired the more cursed we become.
And right now are roaring in our ears that your earth is dying because of your methods but we as species are not as wise as we think we are.
We are sharing the dreams of billionaires looking forward to colonize other planets but not ready to even consider going back to the old methods.
And look at the other animals, they never tried to know more than it was required and they are absolutely at bliss, like a pro.

Have you ever tried listening to silence?

There are sounds even when there is nothing to hear. Is it the mind that speaks or imagination that can’t imagine without words?

Have you ever tried imagining without speaking to yourself? In which language do you imagine?

Do you take the help of language you already know or create your own?

Close your eyes, take a moment, imagine something with your eyes closed and you will realised that you can only imagine in languages you know and that my might scare you because thats the prison you are living in.


Control is an illusion, in reality all we have are choices. For example you can’t choose to go to sleep at 11 in the night but you will sleep at eleven or will you wake up the next morning, you can not really know.

This leaves me with an impression that the most original emotional state of mankind must be that the anxiety. And if you try to look at it from a distance you will be able to see that all our ideas about securing a future, getting an insurance, wearing a helmet, having a huge bank balance… an attempt to avoid this state of anxiousness.

However I wonder how anxious would the dying people be? And how do they avoid such anxiety when there is no cure for it.

Aristotle Golden Mean

The concept of Aristotle’s theory of golden mean is represented in his work called “Nicomachean Ethics”, in which Aristotle explains the origin, nature and development of virtues which are essential for achieving ultimate goal, happiness.

Which must be desired for itself.


Deficiency – Mean – Excess.
Cowardice – Courage – Rashness
Insesensibility – Temperance – Self indulgence
Lack of spirit – Pateince – Irascibility
Shamefullness – Modesty – Shyness
Spitefulness – Righteous indignation – Envy


I don’t find reasons to love anybody,

don’t be a friend with someone for a reason,

don’t be happy for a reason,

don’t hope for a reason,

don’t rely on reasons

reasons are nothing.

They damage our souls everytime we give reasons.

Be unconditional….