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Minorities Rights And Secularism

Mahatma Gandhi once opined that, “To achieve a country whether civilized or not, it depends how the country treets its minorities”.

What minorities rights stands for- It basically means, the rights of certain racial, religious and linguist minorities to life and liberty, to equality before the law, and to the preservation of their cultural identities through specific legal instruments in the field of education and religious practice constitutes as “minorities rights”.

The Constitution Of India contains no definition of “minority” and gives no clue for the level of determining the minority status, but under Article 14,21,25,29 and 30 of the Constitution gives special protection to minorities under these provisions. It is well established that greatest safeguard for the religious minorities in a multi-religious country like India lies in a secular policy adopted by State.

Secularism means tolerance, co-existence and equal respect to all religious communities residing with the state. Whatever happening in contemporary scenario is nothing but well planned strategy towards declaring India a theocratic state and theocratic state cannot protect the interest of religious minorities as it is committed to one particular religion on the other hand secular policy acts as a guardian of the religious minorities.

India has been declared a secular state by its written constitution and it is the duty of every Indian to stand by and believe in this declaration.

However, recent political & social events have questioned this declaration.


Main maan chahta hu

Samman chahta hu

Lekin kismat hai tera naam chahta hu

Mushkil hai zindagi me is qadar

Apne aap ki ek pehchan chahta hu

Na mai jaanu kaha se aya mai,

Sab ne kaha rab ne banaya

Rab di mitti me kho gaya mai

Deen duniya ka ho gaya mai


Evolution Of Life

Sometimes I start doing an evaluation of my life.
On one of those times, I came across the story of the driver Michael Shumacher.
When I studied his resume as an athlete I saw that he was:
🔵 Winner of the Grand Prix in 1991.
🔵 He was 7 times world champion of Formula 1.

🔵 Happiness was in his Being, but on a fateful day his story and his destiny completely changed due to a ski accident ….

🔵 Today, just 44 kilos in weight, struggling to “survive” since December 2013.

🔵 His wife has begun to sell their goods to cover the expenses and thus be able to keep him alive in a room in his house adapted to his needs , where he lies like a vegetable.
Here comes a question:
🔵 Who is better than who?
🔵 Life can take directions never imagined.
🔵 It’s amazing how everything can change in an instant.
🔵 No one is exempt from anything.
🔵 And in no circumstances are these of any use:
We are all the same…
Then …
🔵why the pride?
🔵 Why the arrogance?
🔵 So Why so much attachment to material goods/wealth?
🔵 All we have is the day to day so that we can live it with passion and happiness, doing good, serving our God, our family and neighbors with full of joy and Gratitude.
🔵 We need to stop creating problems, claim insignificant things and always avoid everything that “takes our time and lives”.
🔵 Be careful not to lose someone who loves you and accepts you as you are.
🔵 As in the game of chess, in the end both the King and the Pawn are kept in the same box. In the end, we will all meet our end the same way.
🔵 It is worth examining what we have done or not done yet .
🔵 *We are born bringing nothing …we die without taking anything ! absolutely nothing!*
🔵 And the sad thing is that in the interval between life and death, we fight for what we did not bring and even more for what we will not take …
🔵 Think about that.
Let’s live more, let’s love more. Let’s always understand the other and be more tolerant
🔴 We must never forget that to be great – *You have to be humble*.

Knowledge vs Understanding

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
Understanding is a psychological process related to an abstract or physical object, such as a person, situation, or message whereby one is able to think about it and use concepts to deal adequately with that object. Understanding is a relation between the knower and an object of understanding.
Let’s take an example
Teacher addresses a student and asks: “How many kidneys do we have?”
“Four!”, The student responds.
“Four? Haha,” The teacher was one of those who took pleasure in picking on his students’ mistakes and demoralizing them.
The teacher was furious and expelled the student from the room.
On his way out of the classroom, the student still had the audacity to correct the furious teacher:
“You asked me how many kidneys‘ we have. ” ‘We have four: two of mine and two of yours. ‘We have’ is an expression used for the plural.
And that’s the difference between knowledge and understanding
Life demands much more understanding than knowledge. Sometimes people, because they have a little more knowledge or ‘believe’ that they have it, feel they have the right to underestimate others.


When for the first time
The tenderness of the yours
Will touch the soul of mine
When, fingers will crease through
the roughness of cold skin
When, perfect sculpted lips,
will soak in the pomegranate’s juice
touch the scariest wound of mine
When, the aroma of sweets running
down in the valley through the neck
will force me to expel a moan in pleasure
I’ll realise, every battle and pain
and torture and sacrifice is
justifiable & endurable;
For you, for you, for you……

A random thought

What a strange thing, so many religions, so many great men, so many teachers, so many scriptures, so many shrines, so many places of pilgrimage, yet man is looking for the right path.

Firaq has rightly said:

हजारों खिज्र पैदा कर चुकी है नस्ल आदम की,

ये सब तस्लीम लेकिन आदमी अब तक भटकता है ..

(Thousands have created a breed of Adam All this shows up but the man still wanders)


Have you ever tried to talk to your soul;

the inner voice of yours?

Have you ever made an effort to hear that voice?

Your innerself is calling you.

It wants to be explored.

It wants to be better.

It wants you to bring change in it.

It wants you to set it free from discovering it from the cage of puzzlement.

Don’t Deceive Yourself

Why you don’t want to accept the unmelodious reality of your life ?
Why you want to be cover under the ray of self-created luxurious imaginations ?
These imagination will stray you away from real pain and joy.
They want to you to consumed into a perfect fascination.
And such a self-created thought only being a chaos of feelings.
Soon you will find the disparity between the feelings of fascinated chaos and factual jumbles.
Oh my dear! Don’t deceive yourself !
Get yourself free from the deadly imagination before its too late.
Don’t let the chaos destroy your brain.
Set it on fire from the flames of realistic notion.

Few words

I never tell my parents how much they mean to me.

No guy does. We are men.

We do not know how to express love. We are responsible to home stuffs. We show love by doing liabilities.

We do not hug our dads. Instead, we talk about cricket.