We All Are Edward Hopper Paintings Now

“We are all Edward Hooper Paintings now!” is the cry of crisis of loneliness.

The 20th century American painter Edward Hooper has become the poster boy in the times of social distancing. The interiors of his paintings have detached individuals, urban landscape, self contained apartments where individuals exist but not community.

The immediate context of Hopper’s painting was Spanish flu, the Economic crisis and the Great Depression of 1930s and the two World Wars. The paintins created an American visual board of a chosen isolation, with a loss of human contact.

There are two ongoing major interpretations of his works.

The first is trying to find peace in the stillness, quite and tranquility in his paintings. It is however to be noted Hooper himself went through deep phases of depression throughout his painting carrier.

The Second interpretation is finding Hooper’s silent message that says “modern life can be very lonely” so seek out people before you become atomized individuals.

The lockdown has hit everyone in waves. We are not trapped inside the interior of Hooper’s paintings if anything at all he silently asks us to break from it.

“We choose modern loneliness because we want to be free. But when the freedoms of modern life are removed from us what’s left but loneliness?”

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