From my notepad

We attend ‘important’ event in loved ones’, friends’, acquaintance’, lives. Because attendance is the highest preresequite. Not the love or intention to be there for their sake.
We invite friends, loved ones, acquaintances to our important events because ‘humne bhi unka khana khaya hai’.
In all this, when we are truly reaching out?
When are we truly making our presence counted?
In the society bucket list of participation, why are all actions hollow? Why is everything a formality? Even condolence meetings!
Why don’t we act with real intent?
Why don’t we participate people’s wellbeing?
Can we change the question of small talk from “when you are getting married?’
To ‘Are you happy?’ Is there something I can help you with?’ Instead of expecting everyone to be our own definition of normal, can we tell them ‘Be how you want to be I’m with you nonetheless’.

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