Minorities Rights And Secularism

Mahatma Gandhi once opined that, “To achieve a country whether civilized or not, it depends how the country treets its minorities”.

What minorities rights stands for- It basically means, the rights of certain racial, religious and linguist minorities to life and liberty, to equality before the law, and to the preservation of their cultural identities through specific legal instruments in the field of education and religious practice constitutes as “minorities rights”.

The Constitution Of India contains no definition of “minority” and gives no clue for the level of determining the minority status, but under Article 14,21,25,29 and 30 of the Constitution gives special protection to minorities under these provisions. It is well established that greatest safeguard for the religious minorities in a multi-religious country like India lies in a secular policy adopted by State.

Secularism means tolerance, co-existence and equal respect to all religious communities residing with the state. Whatever happening in contemporary scenario is nothing but well planned strategy towards declaring India a theocratic state and theocratic state cannot protect the interest of religious minorities as it is committed to one particular religion on the other hand secular policy acts as a guardian of the religious minorities.

India has been declared a secular state by its written constitution and it is the duty of every Indian to stand by and believe in this declaration.

However, recent political & social events have questioned this declaration.

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