To my dear Guddan❤


Life gives us pain, struggle, suffering, and much more annoying thing…. this is a part of our life as infact without these things life human life would be incomplete.

And we spend so much time sweating the small stuff like worrying, complaining, gossiping, comparing, wishing, wanting and waiting for something bigger and better.

Instead of focusing on all the simple blessings that surround us every day…….

Guddan as you also know being a genuine soul

We are all hear to heal, not harm. We are here to love, not hate……

Dear life gives us pain and we suffers on each and every day. Life is so fragile and all it takes is a single moment to change everything you take for granted…..

But afterall life starts within us. FROM inner us.

So why we show the pain is prevailing over the happiness, why we show the suffeing is prevailing over the little joys and blessings.


I know you are much more aware of all these things but

You need someone to revive that sense of feeling within you to heal everything and every pain …..

And If Allah has made me the reason to give that support….. Make me reason….

I promise I’ll be there for you like a partner who actually understands you.

Isn’t this a blessing, yes this is❤…

Sometimes I just look up, smile and say,

I know that I’m blessed with the best and that best is you in my life.

You revived my enthusiasm and perspective towards life ….

Thank You for Everything’.

You know Guddan

Gratitude helps us fall IN LOVE with the LIFE we already have.

…. hence in the process of thanking you while counting my blessings

I fall in love with my soul Also.

That’s the change you brought to me……..

Yes I’m proud of you and much more proud of loving you

Proud of being a little part of your life…..

In the end LIFE says,

“If I could give you any Gift. I’d give you LOVE & LAUGHTER, A PEACEFUL HEART, A SPECIAL DREAM & JOY FOREVER…..

And that Life, seriously I want to be for you ……


This is JUST few words…..which is nothing in front of that sense of feelings and emotions that we both are dwelling….

So.. I want say that you are the strongest of soul

These little obstacles now from today won’t bother you much.

Believe in yourself. You are the best creation of God.

With lots of Love and affection❤❤❤❤❤

From your Buddy…..

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