My muse…… sometimes haunts me

People suffer a lot on a daily basis. That’s how we move. That’s how we grow.

Fighting our own little wars that nobody knows about.

And that is called concept of “jihad within yourself”? That’s how it’s for everyone.

And sometimes we messed up in our life so much we get tangled up within the situation and the bad side is we are so detached that we don’t even enjoy little things of life and we have a cynic perception towards almost everything.

Such a behaviour might hurt the ones close to you as they cannot blend in the wavelength you’re already dweling.

I am sorry to the people I hurt by exaggerating my pain and suffering often.

So this epiphany has hit me so far that we are the sole controller of our life and our reactions to situations in present majorly shape our future.

And after all these we embrace the fact that Life goes on.

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