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You know the idea of ultra nationalism is not about the love for the the motherland. It is solely based on fear and chauvinistic pride about an idea of which you are mere an spectator.
Recently, there was a whole buzz about the insignia inscribed on Dhoni’s gloves.
But everyone is mum silent on missing AN-32 plane which board 13 people.
And it’s a difference between patriotism and nationalism.

Patriotism means LOVE for one’s country.

Nationalism means HATE for other country.

i.e, If some foreigner will say something true but bad about the country; an ultra nationalist will abuse him and show him the faultsof his country to the person and feel proud while doing this but a patriot will feel sad and start to eradicate that crime/defect/evil from the nation.
(Aurobindo Ghosh was a nationalist, When Britishers criticized our culture, Ghosh statred mocking western culture.
Raja Rammohan Roy was a patriot. When Britishers criticized our culture, Rammohan Roy started eradicating evils like caste system and sati from the society.)

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