Being with someone about whom you always been thinking about.

A person who is your point of motivation.

A person by whom you, inexplicably admires.

A person, whose presence in itself give you the utmost happiness so as you always feels blissful.

This is because, the person intellect level is same as yours. The one who understand you and also ignite the sparkles which are hidden within you.

A person whose presence makes you the best version of yourself.

This is because the relation with that person is unconditional, that means there is no ulterior motives behind.

There is no expectations, no complaints, no excuses, no demands, nothing at all and this is what I can call a relation with unconditional love.

Certainly, I am in love with love with the fact that the person may reveal the hidden version or the best version of yourself.

This is why I feels blessed to have that person and I did not want to loose her.

Yes, I have that person, or I can say that once in a lifetime it happens and it already happened to me.

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