“Are moral values and teaching a limited to religion “?

-No, ofcource not. We can ignore religion and still we have moral values and teachings.

The era has changed. Also it’s human nature, it is something exist inside human.

-But some says,
Morality without religion cannot reach the same level of certainty that of morality with religion.

-I guess, Morals are the product of society. This is why morality changes over time, yet religion doctrine is fixed.

Often times we change the interpretation of religious doctrine to keep up with the change in mortality (change in cultural values and beliefs).

Example include views in slavery, same gender marriage, the social status of women, laws,etc.

-Also that,

Man is gifted with a moral sense by which he distinguishes good from evil, so each of us was born with some degree of morality.

Hence, Morality is not limited to religion, a nonreligious person might be a moral one, but a real religious person (ofcource depending on his religion) must have morality…………!!!!!!!!!

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