Sympathy and Empathy

Someone asked me do you like sympathy?

I said not really …..

He said- you don’t like sympathy….!!!

That made me think. It is true. I have always hated being sympathised with.

It was about wanting to give my best, so that I can accept the outcome with the knowledge that I tried my best.

It was about wanting to avoid sympathy. Because my experience tells me that sympathy is harmful for growth.

Empathy is important, even essential when we live and thrive in society.

But sympathy….????

It makes you the object of pity.

It lowers society’s expectations of you.

It lowers your own expectations from yourself.

It makes you complacent in whatever you do, because since you take yourself to be someone with whom a lot of injustice has happened, any little thing you do becomes a major accomplishment. It hinders your potential to succeed in life.

I now think that the best of outcomes are reached when one does not chicken out. When one faces things bravely. When one takes challenges head on. When one explores the full range of her/ his potential. Because that is what being human is about. To be brave. To not let things pull you down.

As Hannah Gadsby said in her powerful show Nanette-

“To yield and not break, that is incredible strength.”

Go ahead, find that incredible strength within you. Let nothing break you…….!!!!!

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