Is truth relative? Does absolute truth exist?

Truth is way more relative than people tend to believe it to be.

But it is both ….
An absolute truth would be something that is absolutely true independently of anything, no matter what. It’s absolutely true always.
Existence exists would be such a truth. It always exists, no matter what, timelessly just is.
A relative truth would be a a perspective that is true from one angle but not from another, while from the other angle something else is equally true
For example: Does the sun radiate heat?Absolutely, this is a physical and verifiable fact. Is the sun hot? Yes, and no. It’s certainly hot to those of us living on Earth; but it’s downright frigid compared to the temperatures of the Big Bang.
As the absolute truth you’re seeking gets more and more abstract, it becomes harder to find an expression of it that is not made relative by the expression itself. For example, for centuries Sufi mystics have argued whether God is found in all things, or all things are God. There are compelling religious foundations for both viewpoints; but since the subject (God) is so abstracted from human experience, the terminology used to explore the problem means that even when such statements are relatively true, no one of them is absolutely so. The absolute truth must be approached in the union of these perspectives.……..

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