Wherever we turn, it seems that we are divided more than ever before. Societies and countries all across the world are riven by hate and disunity.

In this kind of world, sacrifice and selflessness are more important than ever. Acknowledging that perhaps what is best for society may not that which is best for your personally, is the bedrock upon which our societies are built. Some of the core principles we take for granted, are based on this: the idea of the welfare state, the idea of universal healthcare, even of charity.

Hussain once said that the best of people is he who gives to one who cannot ever pay him back. That is true sacrifice. Giving because giving is good. Helping because helping is good. Being selfless because it’s the right thing to do.

If we all tried a little harder to do the right thing because it was the right thing, then it wouldn’t matter to us if our gestures weren’t reciprocated, if our actions weren’t acknowledged. It wouldn’t matter to us if the other side continued with poor behaviour, because ultimately, we have sacrificed for a greater cause: for the good of society. In a world riven by differences and hate, what better way to try to overcome our divisions than by selflessness and sacrifice.


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