Lesson of Ashura (10th day of Moharram)

Lesson of Ashura

Imam Hussain (as) did not sacrifice himself in karbala so that 14 centuries later his people can mourn for him and hurt themselves in grief.

Of course, anyone who hears of what happened on the day of ashura can’t help but cry. But that is not why he said goodbye to his family and stepped out onto the battlefield that morning, having full awareness that he would not be coming back. He died for a goal. He wants to know are you progressing that goal ?

Are you standing up against oppression? Are you making an effort to help and protect others ?

Are you involved in spreading the truth and clearing up misunderstandings?

Are you friendly with and respectful to the people around you, regardless of faith, race, culture?

Are you pushing yourself to your full potential to serve God and unite humanity, by being an active member of society? Moharram is not only a month of darkness, but also a month of deep self reflection. Are you showing the people of the world who the followers of Hussain (as) are, by action ?

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