Being judgemental

Recently I have been exploring the topic of judgement, as I have come to realise that we are very judgmental for most of our life. Judging others is so much a part of what we do that I’m often not even aware that I am doing it. I have found that in order for me to be able to see a behaviour clearly, I need to be able to get a bit of distance between me and the behavior:

What is it that we judge others for? I think I can honestly say ‘everything.’ And the ridiculous thing is, what we judge others for is often the opposite of the same thing. For example, I have judged people for being too fat and too thin, too loud and too quiet, too stupid and too intelligent, too ugly and too good looking, too sensible and too reckless.

Judgement is also rejection because each time we judge another, what we are in fact saying is, “I do not accept the way that you are choosing to be.” And this rejection is likely to push another even further into disharmonious ways of being

Acceptanceon the other hand is gifted with grace and allows others the freedom to move and change at their will.

Everything in life falls into one of two categories – it either supports us to return to the Truth of who we all are, or it hinders the process of return. Could it be as simple as understanding that judgement hinders our return, whereas acceptance speeds us on our way?

So,, judgement gives us a very limited way of being on the world, it is like moving in a screenshots but never seeing the whole panorama presented…..!!!!

2 Replies to “Being judgemental”

  1. It is true and thankfully I realized it much sooner in life, even though at a price. It is like you say, we sometimes even don’t know we are being judgemental. And yes it takes a lot of effort to overcome this core habit in us. But it’s worth it, it helps you open up to people, their perspective and in a way helps you to discover the world in a more broader way.

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    1. It is just a matter of realising the truths and what are the deeds we actually doing …Judging others I guess is something inbuilt in us and because of that he hardly accept things and new ideas


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