Involvement and not ‘Entanglement’

People usually get stuck to a thing, to a person, to a situation and later they want to detach because saying it is an attachment which would harm there life.

But, in reality involvement doesn’t do harm but the entanglement do.

It is ok to get envolve to these things, it is acceptable to experience life through this because, only when we involve in the situation then only we can experience life it’s full extent. So don’t avoide life by not involving and detaching yourself from these rather involve yourself and somewhere down the line remember don’t get entangled. Remember there is a difference between involvement and entanglement.

Why this entanglement is happening because your involvement is selective and discriminatory. You willing to involve with this person and not with that person which result you get tangled up. Because you get tangled up with your selective involvement, you come up with life negative philosophy of detachment. Detachment will never happen, those who are trying to get detach will get more and more entangled because this is the nature of your mind….

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