Talent- Have or have not

Did someone tell that you had no talent????????!

Only the talents we have are different. To celebrate life we need to celebrate the talent we have.

Some use their talent and some don’t, because they are not sufficiently aware that the gifts of life they have, are to be traded for other talents.

  • The musician looks at life’s beauty through sound
  • The artist through visuals
  • The writer through words
  • The thinker through concepts
  • The chef through culinary delights
  • The economist through statistics
  • The beleiver through faith
  • The unbeliever through ideals

There is a whole world out there full of beauty and light that we are not privy to, b’coz, in life we can’t be super at everything.

Don’t crave for another person’s talent or talents. We can not all be the film stars, models, star cricketers. Don’t fix your gaze on the impossible. Closer to yourself, you will discover your own innate talents.✌

Celebrate life by developing the talent you have. The invitation is open to all, however deficient we may seem to be.

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