Who Am I? A philosophical inquiry

Throughout the history of mankind three little words sent poets to the blank page, philosophers to the Agora, and seekers to the oracles:

Who Am I ???

From the ancient times philosphers, psychologist, academics, scientist,artists, theologians and politicians have tackled the subject of identity.

Their hypothesis are widely varied and lack significant consensus.

These are smart creative people, so what’s so hard about coming up with right answer?

One challenge certainly lies with the complex concept of persistence of identities. Which you is who? The person you are today , Five years ago? Who you will be in 50 years? And where is “am” This week? Today ? This hour? This second? And which aspect of you is “I” ?

Are you your physical body? Your thoughts and feelings? Your actions?

These murky waters of abstract logic are tricky to navigate and so its probably fitting that to demonstrate the complexity.

You are collection of constantly changing parts: Your physical body, mind, emotions, circumstances, and even your quirks, always changing, but still in an amazing and something illogical way, You stay the same too.

This is one of the reasons that the question, “Who am I”? is so complex.

And in order to answer it, like so many minds before you, You must be willing to dive into the bottomless ocean of philosophical paradox.

Or maybe you could just answer

“I am a legendary hero sailing a powerful ship on an epic journey”. That would work too……!!!!!

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