Are intelligence and happiness tied together in any way? If you are highly intelligent, is it more likely that you’ll be more, or less happy?

Intelligence is a state of illusion for those who interpret someone’s presence of mind as being intelligent. Just so everyone knows, everyone is intelligent. Its just a matter of utilizing your conscious levels to a certain degree. Once you will start to believe that you are no less than anyone else, having said that, you are an above average intelligent person. You will also find yourself in that state of happiness. Actually, its all wired in our brains. One who acts thoughtfully, will see better results and outcomes, than a whole bunch of others which in-turn will bring in happiness. So just act cautiously and thoughtfully. Don’t be easily influenced or being guided by others. Make your presence felt. And you will experience happiness.

Happiness and sadness are related to this worldly objects. If your mind in touch of a subject of this existing visible crude world , happiness or sadness is happened

If your mind is not attached with any worldly object/subject , happiness or sorrows must not happens!

Highly intellectuals, real talents, genius keeps their minds busy with any “mental subject rather than “worldly object”! Mental subject gives higher level of happiness obviously. Spiritual subject will emit more dense happiness!

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