Social Issues In India

India- A land of diversity, a land which gave birth to great leaders, a land which presents endless varieties of physical features and cultural patterns.

But finally even after 72 years of independence, have we really got independence from

-Poverty , female foeticide, child labour, caste discrimination, unequal wealth distribution.

The answer is No.

Fourth largest economy in the world and still growing, but this growth cannot be observed everywhere. It is limited to big cities, what about poor??? Who live in slums and survive on less than 0.5$ per day. Their children are forced to beg, they do not get proper food to eat and clean water to drink.

According to WHO in every 4minute one child below 6 years of age dies due to malnutrition in India.

You would shocked to know that there are around 60 million child workers in India.

Even after 72 years of independence though we are not developing in certain aspects we still lag behind in other aspects such as poverty, child labour, illiteracy, corruption, social crime and communal genocide.

The question is ‘Can we do anything on our part? Yes we can………

If we collect Re 1/day from every person in our locality or college, we will end with sufficient funds to undertake any social initiative to eradicate poverty in our area.

We can eradicate corruption if every individual makes sincere effort of not giving bribes. If we act as responsible citizens and take necessary steps, if not complete eradication we can combat them and make India a better place to live.

This can be achieved, if we change our mentality, and one of the powerful tool towards this change is education.

Every child in India should receive primary and higher education irrespective of gender, caste, creed , religion etc.

Education is the only tool which can take our country towards pinnacle of glory.

I truly believe that we Indians have the potential to overcome all our problems and reach new heights in all fields.

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