Boredom-The Emptiness Within

Aldous Huxley says- “Every man who knows how to read has in him, the power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways, in which he exist, to make his life full, significant and interesting”.

Boredom comes from lack of interest in the world around you. The world is fascinating, bafflingly. Yet, you go about life as if there is nothing interesting in it. No wonder you are bored. When you are bored, you look for something to happen.

Depressed at having nothing to do, youngsters become delinquent.

Youngsters are bored because their inherent powers are not being utilized. If they give their mind, imagination, their power of observation, something to occupy them, will banish the idea that life is a big bore. The reality is that life is not bore, it is more. If it is so, there must be something else to it, and that is your own self, your outlook, your attitude which cries out for fulfilment.

The bored mind is restless during leisure hours. It is an excellent idea to do things which combine outdoor pursuit and indoor interests like stamp collecting, reading good literature, studying science or listening inspiring music.

Because without a hobby one lives in a mental vacuum where fears and phobias take control of idle thoughts. People unable to take advantage of leisure time pursuits become glum and gloomy. Their life is a nightmare of frustation.

Cultivate interest. Useful information helps. More is required than reading newspaper and watching television. Unless you widen your mental horizon, boredom is bound to trail you.

Guard against the negative. Substitute it with the positive, it is fun to realize that you are charging the greatest machine God has made- human mind.

Nature never makes a blunder when she makes a bore, she means it.

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