Thank you

Thank you stranger ….thank for motivating me . Thank you for encouraging me and let me knowing the right path . You make me realise to be focused on goal . You give me suggestions how to avoide distractions. I don’t know how and when I attracted to you and literally you become a point of motivation for me . It’s like that whenever distractions making a way it is only your words reminds me not to deviate from path of being foccused. Your words make me strong to stand and show a perseverance character to stay focussed towards my goal.

I can say that now you are no more a stranger to me as we had lovely and some quality conversation before. I attracted by your sense of humour and the way you use your intellect to good effect. There is a wisdom in your words which affects me to think of and use my intellect for my betterment. You will be the best part of my life and to be very honest I didn’t want to loose you but there is nothing special within us to hold on . May be I’m wrong being having same mentality and the aspects to see thing will keep us connected. And I need it so , because I need you as my mentor. May be I’m getting closer to your personality and your existence only make a meaningful aspects for me the way I look at things. Certainly, You are like a friend philosopher and guide for me. Your words keep me motivated and whenever I feel bog down I want to talk to you. I need to say and I will keep saying always that you are the best part of my life thank you for coming in my life. Thank you my miss motivator. Be always like this , God bless you 🙂

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