Try To Be Original

What is original? It is certainly a difficult question to answer. But it lends itself being explained.

Originality does not consists in saying or doing something that others have not said or done. It consists in expressing things in a way exactly what you think yourself. Socrates, Jesus Christ did not say anything that was never said before, but they said what their being thought and perceived. Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest of plagiarists since most of his works are based on old stories, chronicles or pieces of history. Yet he was the most original playwright, poet and writer. Originality of Shakespeare lay in saying things exactly as he perceived them. Tulsidas wrote the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ the story is taken from Valmiki’s Ramayan. And yet he was the most original poet. His originality like that of Shakespeare consisted in transcribing what his soul and his very being thought and percieved. It is imperative for us, therefore, to be original and creative in order to command respect in society and we shall do well to understand that real meaning of originality.

Let the divine spark that lies hidden within your come out and express itself, it is what required to be original.

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