Dare To Be Different

Do you always get up from one side of your bed? Well, try getting up from the other side tomorrow. If you brush your teeth with right hand, try brushing with your left for a change. When you ride to college, take a different route. Instead of listening your favourite radio channel, switch to a channel in other language.

You probably got the point. Try something different. Just about anything, as long as you inject variety and unpredictability into your life. While routines may make us more efficient, we need to trade efficiency for variation, at least once in a while. Why?

This is because, research has found that being open, in a broad sense, to experiences has many benefits. In fact, openness to experience is one of the personality traits tha distinguishes people.

A psychologist defines openness as-
“The degree to which a person is willing to consider new ideas and opportunities.”

It reflects the extent to which you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to try novel ideas and experiences.
According to psychologist, Open people are generally more curious and creative and devour ‘culture’ in the form of books, movies, art, music and dance. They like to seek out new encounters and enjoy traveling to unfamiliar places. In contrast less open people prefer more tried and tested practices and like to follow predictable routines.

Hence, more importantly, we shouldn’t follow routines on auto pilot all the time. Every now and then, we should question what we do.

Even the most mundane or tedious task can invigorate us if done differently.

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