Different Perspective On Spending Time With Books

I remember, when earlier I used to spend time playing games, my father urged me to indulge in books.

Now I have to keep reading a book alongside my course to amuse myself. It’s a long held myth that reading is always beneficial. It isn’t exactly always beneficial and as it is, its benefits don’t show as immediately as someone learning a new concept and applying it to solve a question. I understand all of us feel accomplished when finish a book, but that triumph is short compared to solving a question and matching its answer.

Reading builds our analytical thinking and expands our vocabulary, but are we ready to invest so much time just for this?

Question of focus-

Reading few hours daily is recommended by all, but lets face it, it kills time.

It is just a way to spend time when you’re bored, not what you should be doing when you’re required to do some work.

It removes our mind from important task that should be our priorities. It spoils our focus. I’m preety harsh here but, to one certain, its no better than watching T.V. for long hours. As T.V. is meant for entertainment, so are fictious books.I believe that too much reading can destroy our creativity.

If we indulge ourselves too much in others thoughts, we might lose our own ingenious ones. One ends up getting coloured by the author’s view and sees the world with tinted glass.

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