Why Doing Good Is More Important Than Feeling Good

​People want to be happy, and they have different ideas about happiness.                  Some say money will make them happy, others want status, physical beauty, great strength, travel, all of these, or something else.

What happens after you acquire your private key to happiness?                   
If money makes you happy, will a million dollars keep you humming all your life?   Good looks and strength will pass. Happiness acquired through these means may last many years but is still temporary.

For lifelong satisfaction what you need is a purpose in life.
For example,  Partying is fun- you will usually come out beaming from a celebration.  Parenting is tough, it will produce dark circles around the eyes.        But being a parent gives life meaning while partying does not.

In the long term, it is purpose, not happiness, that keeps you healthy.
Having purpose is linked to a number of positive health outcomes,  including better sleep, fewer strokes, and heart attacks, and a lower risk of dementia, disability and premature death.
Helping others is a dependable way to find purpose, even if the other is a pet.
Finding purpose in life is especially important for the health of people on the verge of a big change, such as retirement. Retirement age workers who started teaching children showed ‘higher self-esteem’, more social connectedness, and better mobility and stamina.
So, start finding purpose of your life, as it is the only thing which gives you lifelong satisfaction and also keeps you going.

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