The losing love for parents 

Parents brought us into this world and helped us grow into adults financially, emotionally, socially in this vast cruel world where 800,000 children are reported missing ( kidnapped ) annually . In such a world where children trafficking is so common, you are lucky to have been saved by those two individuals. We hardly realize the wrong in the world  being done while growing up because our parents don’t want us to see that world and get demotivated. So many children die of malnutrition, little girls are kidnapped for prostitution and what not. And yet we forget to thank our parents for nurturing us from cradle to middle ages. 

Where you had been without your parents, you may never want to know. So many orphans die mysteriously in orphanages often being committed to sexual abuses at a young age. And yet we fail to recognize the presence of our parents in our lives.
So many people put their parents in old age homes because they are just waste of money. If you can’t spend money on your parents remember they don’t have money because they spent it all on your education, greedy demands, toys etc. If they just had said no to you how would you feel. If they hadn’t spent money on your education how would you be able to get a job

Education is so costly these days and most of the parents’ income is spent on it.
We never realize the efforts of our parents to keep us happy and satisfied.
The Parents are the only good in this bad world. Every parent wants to work for their children. Parents are semi-gods. Pray to them, worship them. Going to temples or churches is no good if you don’t respect your parents.
Yet we are seeing today  the increasing trend of putting old parents in old age homes citing so many reasons. The biggest reason which they do not speak is they are devoid of love for their parents that they once had. All that love that the little child had for his parent is gone.
What is the reason behind that ? The real question is where has that love went.
This is happening in the new societies all over the world that we so proudly boast of, The Modern World. In old societies this never happened, it still doesn’t happen in undeveloped countries and old villages that haven’t seen the modern world yet. If treating your parents like nobody is called modern than the people who are old and traditional are much better.
This trend needs to be stopped as soon as possible if we want our new societies to be happily efficient and another reason being that we don’t want our children to send us into old age homes away from our real homes, real families and beautiful grandchildren. Stripping our parents of that love is so cruel and mean and Karma does take its toll on day that we must remember. They don’t need to hold the hands of a nurse in their last days, it’s your hand they want to touch for the last time, the hands they touched for the first time they saw you.

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