​Expectation all your life, 

 how do you find serene..?

When you are first held in arms,
they expect you to walk.

When you mouth words,
they expect  you to rhyme.

When you start playing,
they expect you to study.

When you start studying,
they expect you to top.

When you top the class,
they expect you to stay the same.

When you loose your rhythm,
they expect you to bring it back.

Then comes your own expectations….

When you start growing up,
you expect to enjoy all your freedom.

When you enjoy all your freedom,
you expect to misuse.

When you misuse,
you expect others to forgive.

When you are forgiven,
you expect a new life.

When you get a new life,
you expect to be moved the same.

When you are loved,
you expect attention.

When you get attention,
you fall back to square one.

This human heart is never satisfied,
Yet it longs for what it has already,
Without realising it.

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