International Men’s Day celebrates the essence of manhood.

It is time to ponder upon the contribution, sacrifices and advances that men make to produce a strong generation.

It is a day to focus on improving gender relations, raising responsible males, focusing on men’s problems and removing gender bias.
The day was initiated by Thomas Pasted on February 7, 1992 , who was striving for gender equality and patiently attempt to remove the negative images and stigma associated with men in the society.

Celebrating masculinity is no longer done by following cliched activities.
Today, men are not ashamed of wearing shades of pink and orange, which is generally associated with females.
Gone are the days of clothing colours differentiation .
Call it need of the hour or evolved thinking patterns , men are becoming bolder by day.
Working men can often seen cleaning their
apartments or cooking their favourite meals, all by themselves.
As we can see that one of the famous  cookery experts from the country is a shining example of men breaking stereotypes and perceived roles of men in the society.

With increasing number of rape case in rural as well as urban areas, men are always seen with suspecting eyes. There is an increasing need to build healthier and stronger images of males in the society, and destroy the old dialogues from our dictionaries which says
‘All men are the  same’.
What people forget is that when rape cases went viral on the internet and grabbed the society’s attention, men stood up for females rights.  Just a few bad apples have managed to spoil the whole basket.

If feminists stand up for their rights, males should also not lag behind. If there can be special quotas for women in many fields, then males can also be supported for gender equality.  Also, standing in candle marches against rapists is of no use until we bring up male children with a strong character and morality.  International Men’s Day must be remembered for the contribution of men towards society and nation at large.

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