The Connection 

I am sorry if it hurts somebody reading this,but I don’t believe in relationships.For me relationships may get old with time and may eventually die but the connection is always alive.

Desperately observed that what keeps a relationship alive is connection and what eventually kills a connection is relationship.To be noted,here I am taking about infatuations or may be crushes.When you start living someone you just love everything about them.They are absolutely flawless for you.But when you come closer to them,you begin to notice all the flaws.

This is the reason why friendship ends,marriages are broken.

This is life,whereby every person who sympathizes with our problem at the right time,seems to be our soulmate.We are so desperate to be loved that we end up being doubly hurt.

The connection I am talking about will come in your life at the right time.That right time may be little longer and may seem to be a lifetime for you but TRUST ME, when it comes ,you don’t have to run behind love ,instead love will follow you wherever you go.

Wait and watch.!

6 Replies to “The Connection ”

  1. You have a point there. In saying that we should not think of everyone who dresses one certain wound of ours to be our soul mate. The right person, who has been destined for you, is out there. You have to wait for them. And even after you meet them, remember that they too have flaws and imperfections. But love is more about accepting and loving them in spite of those imperfections. Accepting them with their differences, with their wounds and living together through all the pain and joy, is what love means to me.

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    1. A valid point you have made , Yeah , as if someone sympathized with our pain at right time we start seeking a soul mate in that person …and even after all flwas and imperfection they accept us …
      But the post is more about The Connection which implies how strongly we are bonded ….
      Though, thank you for your valuable comment ….Keep visiting and keep writing 😊

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