Problems Sharpen Your Intellectuality 

Problem is only thing which is universal bane of everyone’s life.

Problem often comes uninvitedly and create a lots of tensions, depression and despair for us , because we were not prepared for that. But there is also some problems which we know that will occur in the future. Hence, for that we were prepared.

Nobody wants to go through with this problem creating scenarios reluctantly but it is inevitable which will going to happen and  some where down the line we will have acceptance for this .

But quite interesting theory is,

If we have problems in our life we will gain more and more intellectuality as compared to those who does not gone through same sort of problems.
As example,
There is two friends , one is having a luxurious life , no worries , taking everything for granted and the other one is more sensible,  hard working and he doesn’t have luxurious life.
Though the second one will know the importance of hard work, money and time.
He will also survive situations better in any condition.
But , the first one will find himself  in despairing on being adaptable to new situation because he has habit of taking things for granted and he not prepared for upcoming problems like he is unknown
to this.
Hence, the person with more problems
will have higher scale on intellectual.
He also have some inspirational ideas and a wisdom in his voice. He will be the survival of the fittest.
So, problems  is not any daunting task for us but it’s all depends on us how we face it.
It is literally depend on us that with arrival of problems we bough-down or we should stand firm and fight agaisnt it.
Certainly, fighting against it will make you more stronger for any situation.

There is a very true saying-
Don’t pray for an easy life,
Pray for courage, power to
face a toughest life .

We know it is easy on paper to write, but in real it is a daunting task to face.

But we should atleast prepared for the problems which may come uninvitedly and stand firm and strong to face , afterall  a man is the survival of the fittest.
He knows to adapt himself in any situation, so what there what there problems are,
rather there may be a motivational factor in life.
Its all depend on you how you accept it.

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