Why do we have inferiority complex

​The feeling of inferiority develops due to the innate human tendency of striving for superiority. Each and every individual strives for superiority. This tendency is so overwhelming that as soon as there is some obstruction that comes in between the person and his/her needs then he/she begins to feel inferior.

It is a blessing in disguise to feel inferior because in a way it can help to move forward in life. Thus, the striving for superiority causes inferiority as well as helps in overcoming it.

It is alright if there is some control over the feeling of inferiority and it occurs within a certain limit. The problem arises when it becomes too extensive . When the feeling of inferiority occurs too often and becomes persistent, then it may lead the person to develop into inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex may not necessarily develop in the context of specific tasks or goals. It may develop for more general or abstract things also.
And comparison with others is the reason for it, for example: For example, a person might feel that he/she is not very good looking compared to others and this might become the cause for inferiority complex for that person.

Inferiority complex can become a menace for the individual and can lead to many other problems. He/she might also have disappointment, dissatisfaction, depression, fearfulness, shyness, self-pity, insecurity, loneliness, withdrawal, etc.
There is a possibility that it may engulf the person in such a strong way that it changes into superiority complex.

The best way to overcome inferiority complex, is compensation. If a person feels that he/she lacks in a certain ability, then that person can try to develop strength in some other ability
For instance, a person who feels that he/she is not good in studies can become good in sports.
A person who feels that he/she is not good looking can become very good in studies and other intellectual tasks.
 A person who feels that he/she does not have a good speaking ability can develop good skills in writing or painting

Another way to overcome inferiority complex is to have a high level of self-awareness because it enables a person to know about him/her in a much better.
Due to this an individual can recognize his/her strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly and If,
If the person realizes his/her strengths and true abilities, then there is no way that the person could develop an inferiority complex.
Many people become too much sensitive about what other people feel or think about them. They begin to worry a lot about how others see them.
But mind you people there is no one perfect in the world, everyone has it’s own flaws.

So, try to disassociate from inferiority complex as much as possible.
And try to be grateful for what you have….!

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