Why do we hate 

Love is natural hate is learned.

We have love feelings by birth but we receive hate from this world.
A child is not born a hater.
How and why do some of them come to hate certain groups of people? Is hatred conveyed by parents or friends, or formed by life experiences?

This is because …
Hatred is the natural reaction to fear.
It is entirely instinctual and not learned.
Everyone fears pain, injury, and death. If we did not have hatred, we would have no incentive to overcome the source of the fear and subdue or eliminate it.
Some people learn hate directly, when they are part of a group that actively expresses a hateful attitude towards others. However, even people who are not “taught” to hate can develop hate on their own.
We are reluctant to differentiate between ourselves (our group/tribe) and others (people not in our group/tribe).
So … half of the problem is a product of our nature: we differentiate between ourselves and “outsiders.
 We can’t help how we are, but we can only embrace it. The same goes for hate. Hate is within all of us – but it’s how we respond to that hate which is what we can learn.
We learn to hate by being hurt. Unfortunately, the hatred isn’t always of the people who hurt us. It may be, but it’s equally likely to turn inward against ourselves,

So, how to stop hating:

In order to stop hating, you need to focus on all of the good things in your life as well as on appreciating what other people have to offer.
Some points to stop hating everyone.
1.Assume the best about people instead of the worst.
2.Learn to enjoy small talk.
3.Give compliments.
4.Open up to people.
5.Think of all the ways that people can

Hate also generate because – If you’ve had a really bad experience then it may seem as if the whole world is a terrible place or that all human beings are just evil.
“I hate people” is an understandable reaction which may help you to release anger.
When you focus only on what is negative and commit to the most despairing conclusions about people your outlook naturally becomes too dark and we start hating  automatically.
So stop hating, this world is not meant to be hate rather try to find love in everything.

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