Be grateful for life 

We always expect ease from life.

We have this amazing fantasy about life.
This is how things should work, this is my plan, this should go as per my plan.
If that doesn’t happen we give up.

But giving up should not be an option.
People say failure should not an option.
But, failure should be an option, because when you fail you get up,  then you fail you get up, and that keep you going.

We have this thing in mind, we call it ‘perfection’.  We want everything perfect, we want ourself to be prefect, but nothing is perfect in this world.
We all are perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly all right.
We are sent here not to become perfect people rather you should try to find this fear of looking imperfect.

Our society is very weird , very weird kind of norms to look perfect and great , for men they are different and for women they are different.
We think too much what people say, and we listen ourselves too little.

You know what makes you perfect
when you make someone smile.

You know what makes you perfect
when you try to do something good for the people around.

You know what makes you perfect when you feel someone’s pain.

And how beautiful is the pain is , as it connects with people.
No other medium can connect you with people but pain.
So try to become the person one who emit smile and happiness.
Try to become that spung which can absorb all the negativity.
Try to become that person one who can emit beautiful positive vibes

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