From Infatuation to Love

She is beautiful.

A girl with a cute smile,
With a adorable eyes,
Finest of the heart.
A girl with a friendly nature
And compatible behaviour.
She didn’t know how good she is,
But that is what makes her more
She is calm, silent  and reserved
yet she has many things to share.
Her cute shaky voice of shynes makes
Any one falls for her.
But, she likes a guy who is concerned and
Deep thinker inside.
She wants him as her companion yet she
Comprise with his riddle behaviour.
They may be in a realtion, but that is not
What you call a typical stereotype.
This is something another level where both finds some quality time as well as space for there personal life too.
This may be results in strength in bonding or may also conclude as a vulnerability in relation but that’s all depend upon there
Well, talking about understanding,  is this what becoming stronger in strength day by day.
A text, a call, a well wishing messages isn’t necessary to keep this realtion alive.
As it’s what only comes from heart and dual in each others as they understand.
This little puerility is driving wheel of this relation because if things might gets serious will be in results of a demolition in relation.

This little kindness, puerility in beahavior is something what keeping is relation alive.
They are free from every bond yet they bonded with a sanctity and the purity of LoVe.

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