Religious Fanatism

Today I’m going to speak on one of the major problems that is hollowing our societies, risking mankind at large. That problem is religious fanatism. The difference between religious  fundamentalism and fanaticism is belief and action. One could be a fundamentalist in any given religion and believe in the literal truth of their holy scriptures. 

Nowadays whenever we take a look at newspaper or at headlines of a news channel on television or simply swipe through newsfeed of our accounts on various social media platforms, we are very likely to strike with a news like a person blows or opens fire in a hugely packed club or a person mows down a number of pedestrians on a busy road by a truck or an SUV or a mob beats a person to death because of his ‘physical appearance’ or they find one of his facebook post to be ‘objectionable’. All these acts stem through religious fanatism or extremism.
          Religious fanatics, in their desire to propagate their faith and to ensure that all their religious principles are adhered to, resort to such butchering methods. Most of these fanatics are of age of 17-25 years old. They are basically brainwashed by their religious leaders, who in fact, hijack their own religion for their personal ends. Despite religion teaching tolerance, acceptance, good deeds and moral values, all they are taught is that there is little or no respect for other faith and human values as to consider the former as infidel who deserve God’s punishment.

          There may be numbers of personal and social causes behind such fanatism but in my purview, one of the major cause is that today religion is dying within us ! Today we either believe religious leaders or propagators blindly or just shy away from religion considering it a cobweb, in our move to portray ourselves as ‘open-minded’. We can be a follower of any religion and still can be open minded. All religions are beautiful. They are foundations of morals and beliefs. They have made communities and built cities. They have caused debates and brought people together. Yes, there is no denial of the fact that today religion is dividing and tearing us apart but it is only because we chose to ignore perspectives of others.

          There are numbers of laws,treaties and institutions working both at national and international levels to check extremism but their failure and increase in such inhuman acts themselve speak that no law and institution can help unless ‘We’ as a ‘Society’ strive to change the scenario and certainly it can’t be done by simply shying away from religion.”

24 Replies to “Religious Fanatism”

    1. We are humans that isn’t means we are prone to eror like this …and fanaticism is not teach in religion and is something emerged within us, we should make a correction just for being human atleast

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  1. I understand what you are trying to say and I support that. Today people are tortured in the name of religion and we must stop it at our own personal levels. 🙂

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    1. Indeed …we should strive forward to make a change and aware people ..I know it’s hard in the name of religion people do what they meant to do …but a step to change something for better is always good

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  2. I have encountered this everywhere. Faith is good but blind faith will lead to darkness and that is leading our country nowhere.
    Change is the necessity now.

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  3. Where blind faith comes from …I guess just to prove there own religion superior they act like a fanatic but a true religious follower always respect other religions and keep humanity at his first priority…..


  4. True nd in my point of view this is just bcuz leaders who r deceptively using manipulative teachings and hence the followers are being blind folded easily…well said Ali bhai👍

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    1. Religious fanatism is nothing to do with development it’s just a way of excessive enthusiasm for the sake of pretending a belief that is irrelevant to the religion ….it’s just a way of spiritual longing


    1. Religious beliefs is in today’s world is setting its new criteria and updation day by day by every religious preachers and its carried by blind followers ….
      Further: bloodshed in the name of religions is a pathetic concerns for the religion itself …I mean no religion teaches for bloodshed ….It’s just that our belief system has taken a radical way ….
      Thank you so much for your question?
      It is really a point to ponder why it’s becoming a reason for bloodshed

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  5. I have met many non believers, and they are as empathetic and moral as those who claim to be God fearing believers. many of them quite hypocritical.

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    1. It is because we are not following our religions as it is given by …instead we are adding some on our self. …and this comes because of lack of good leader and preachers …..But a sense of intellectuality is certainty need of the time

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  6. As we do need good leaders as same we also need to be a positive and good follower …..who thinks before following any rituals. ..who have a sense of concern before doing anything. ….enhancing knowledge from religion


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