Faith: A hope or an illusion 

Life has a variety of answers but it only describes us in the way we deal with the questions & when we try to understand the question we all have actually answered those all false or we need to improve on those to understand life from the better perspective view.
Faith is something which push us into the belief of something which leads to hope, trust, confidence & they are without the real evidence of sight, sound, & touch which might happen through our imaginary world or an expectation towards or beyond the truth if the process is positive.

Negative aspects is just an illusion leading to a false hope towards a life.

We all have seeds of basic within us we just need to  them.

Life is not about something we expect, hope, or keeping a faith its all about how with all this values we are making it implement in our life positively, making an effort towards our goals, accepting the lows, realising, learning & mastering it.

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