A messege to depressed people

The most important thing that happening in your life right now is that you are alive. 
Suppose tommorow morning you lost half of your money and feeling depressed and your mind says I want to die, do one activity

just close your mouth hold your nose just for 2 minutes,   eventually your body says
to hell with your money I want to live ….. 
Tomorrow morning you will found your love affair collapse and your mind says I want to die just repeat the activity …
Again your body will say to hell with your Iove affair I want to live ……

Every time you find yourself little depressed just check with you with that , your body and the life within you say
I want to live.
Thus,  most important you will have is life itself. Not fancy thoughts that you have,
not the emotions that you have and not the financial arrangement that you have.
Because these are the accessories to life and these are all frills.

Right now most people thinking life means their job, life means new house which they building,  life means their children their family , but isn’t really true ? No

Life means that within you , life means which is throbbing in you.

12 Replies to “A messege to depressed people”

  1. Yes – our purpose is to live, sometimes in addition to holding our breath it’s good to visualize the good we’re capable of. After all, the depressed are not alone, we’re here to make them realize as well that whatever happens we’ll be here to support.

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