The Girl who lost herself 

She woke up in the middle of the night and stared at their happy picture on his mobile screen. After that, she spent the night watching all their photographs. But she wasn’t happy. The photographs weren’t making him ecstatic anymore. They were hurting him. They were torturing him. She wanted to delete all of them, but she wanted to survive other nights too. The photographs became his sleeping pills, dangerous but mandatory. 
It took him just one sentence to end all that she built with his blood and tears. “I am not happy in this bond” he said. It took her months to understand where exactly was the bond.? Whatever she did for him was unconditional. She never asked him to reciprocate the feelings. Why did he started loving with no purpose of continuing it.? And he thought, like other people in her life, this one too will forget everything and move on.!  I pity him for never  understanding that he had a gem. And he threw it away on his own. She reasoned her behavior, but she never knew that betrayal cannot be justified.

For her, love became a mistake. She became guilty of loving someone so sincerely. She was finding it more difficult to breath than to stop breathing. She honestly didn’t know what was terrible –  The girl with a golden heart, and silver smile became a miserable loner.

13 Replies to “The Girl who lost herself ”

  1. I think that this girl needs to learn to love herself first: love in any kind of relationship can hurt. When you develop unconditional love for yourself, then you know your shine is going to survive 😊

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